Blaidd Spirit’s full repertoire comprises widely diverse material, encompassing influences from chamber music to rock, classical orchestral to Eastern European folk, with pieces driven by djembe and cajon, and some real hold-on-to-your-hat time signatures. Some of them even deliberate.

Originally from Bucks and Surrey respectively, now based in Mid Wales, Andy and Sara first played together in a Ceilidh band in the late noughties. A conversation in September 2009 prompted their collaboration and so the real fun began, exploring musical possibilities unhindered by genre: “Taking a note for a walk...”

‘Blaidd’ [pronounced “blithe”] is the Welsh word for wolf: that most elusive and mysterious denizen of the greenwoods, the Pathfinder. The band name is also an allusion to the Shelley poem, ‘To a Skylark’, which begins: “HAIL to thee, blithe spirit!”